The trend of corporate social responsibility in the EU


作者:editor, Li-Jiuan Chen-Rabich


出版社:Tamkang University Press

出版地:New Taipei City




分類:國際市場趨勢  英文書  




  • Preface
  • 1. CSR in the EU’s Financial Market Law Li-Jiuan Chen-Rabich
  • 2. Toward Open Shareholders’ Meetings Maki Saito
  • 3. CSR and Data Protection: RecentDevelopment in Taiwan Lung-Sheng Chen Dr. Hsiang-Yang Hsieh
  • 4. CSR vs “ Business and Human Rights ” Approach with Some Experiences in Korea Sang-Soo Lee
  • 5. Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Enterprises : A Comparative Study between Taiwan and the United Kingdom Ta-Wei Kuo
  • 6. On Policy Guideline and Corporate SocialResponsibility through Financial Tsunami :The Case of Taiwan Hsin-Chang Lu
  • 7. Driving Corporate Social Responsibility through the European Corporate Law : An Overview of Consumer Protection Yen-Te Wu
  • 8. Corporate Social Responsibility and International Trade : The EU’s Trade Policy and Trade Agreements Takao Suami
  • 9. Comparative Analysis of Trade-LabourLinkage in FTAs of the US and EU Yoo-Duk Kang , Bomin Ko
  • 10. Personal Information Protection and Management : Taiwan’s Perspectives Po-Yu Su
  • 11. Introduction on Policies to Promote the Development of Social Innovation Enterprises in Taiwan Shu-Chun Liao
  • 12. Nachhaltige Entwicklung und Grüne Wirtschaft : Entwicklung und Ergebnisse im Bereich des Energiesektor Wilson Hong